We help you do it better.

We are a certified Enterprise Singapore Management Consultancy company [SCMC 2106-P0387].

We are your business progress facilitators.
And we help you achieve important milestones for you and your business.

For business owners and entrepreneurs who need support to bring their business to the next level, we offer you the 'how'.


Be it upgrading your core competencies, creating visibility for yourself, or your business, we will help you do it better than you already have without all the convoluted business jargon and processes.


for advice and solution


So, you have a business problem. Maybe more than one. And you need someone to talk to and bounce off your problems and some ideas that you have in mind.

You can do 2 things:

1. Talk to some business advisors who have never run a business themselves OR


2. You can talk to us.

You get free initial consultations, and then decide how you want to improve business performance by upgrading your core competencies.

You need to 
your people


You want to upgrade your people and your team. You want to have a high-performing team and individuals in your company running your business with you.

Bettery Lab has bespoke training programs that focus on various groups in your company or organization.

You can help your people embark on a journey towards Max Performance, benefitting both your business and your people.

You need to 
for branding


Being able to tell your stories is important because it helps you to connect with your customers. Moreover, stories emotionally connect people and create brand loyalty, and create brand loyalty.

The best value you get working with us is that we have our own Bettery Hub Channel, showcasing guest speakers in our 'Bettery Connections' and LifeWorks!' programs.


Our guest speakers have shared a marked increase in their personal and business branding after coming to speak in our shows.

Improving Business Performance with
Core Competencies

We help you upgrade your Core Capabilities to be prepared for business growth and transformation by strengthening your business foundations. It will also help you innovate solutions that are less costly while sustaining performance over the long run.

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We will help you build up your Core Competencies and innovate.


Business Strategy Development

We will spur the growth of your company through interventions in business strategies.


Strategic Brand & Marketing Development

We will help your company better capture target audiences and markets by differentiating your brand, and your products and services.


Process Redesign

We will help your company review existing processes and identify possible areas to improve efficiency. This is a critical first step before you embark on any business or digital transformation.


We train the People throughout your organization.


Entrepreneurship, External Awareness, Vision




Creativity & Innovation, Partnering, Strategic Thinking, Technology Management



Accountability, Conflict Management, Developing Others, Leveraging Diversity


Project Managers & Team Leaders

Decisiveness, Influencing / Negotiating,

Team Building


Individual Contributors

Continual Learning, Interpersonal Skills, Problem Solving, Resilience, Flexibility, Oral & Written Communications

Build a high-performance team by empowering and enabling them with skills and knowledge

By supporting your People with training, it is a good opportunity for them to grow their knowledge base and improve their job skills to become more effective in the workplace. The return on investment is immense if it is consistent, resulting in a high-performing team running your business with you.


Tell Your Story to let the world know the impact you are making

Tell your story to create a deep emotional connection: start conversations, engage with your audience on a much deeper level than you have before, involve your audience in what you do as a business. Turn your brand into an experience they can consume.

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We will help you prepare Your Story so that you can shine when you share with the world. 

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"LifeWorks!" features extraordinary individuals who live their lives passionately and demonstrate their passion in their business or in social movements they started. 

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Better Connections

“Bettery Connections” delve deep with business and industry leaders to discover the latest innovations and business strategies.

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Doing It Better

"Doing It Better" discusses topics such as Marketing and Sales, Growth Mindset, Personal Branding and much more, that will help your business grow.

BH Podcast.png

Bettery Hub Podcast

Where we convert your live chats into podcasts to help you reach out to an even larger audience