"Activity management boosts efficiency." - Sakthivel Thevar

Time is Earth’s greatest currency. Yet, we often find ourselves mismanaging time amidst our hustle and bustle and it is therefore important to manage our usage of time to prevent wastage. As Sakthi describes, managing time can be near impossible but managing activities within a given time is definitely possible and in fact of greater efficiency.

Before we start managing our activities, it is important to first lay out our big picture goals because it

1. Allows us to dream and get excited of what’s to come

2. Allows more time to work on certain skill sets for long term improvement

3. Allows us to be real and confront ourselves

However, big picture goals may seem too huge and too scary to think about. Instead of worrying about “how” to achieve them, one should break them down into bite sized goals achievable on a daily basis. Achieving these bite sized goals then provides a sense of purpose and a level of motivation as one feels that they are taking a step towards a greater goal. Bite sized goals are also great as they allow us to easily realign ourselves to our goal and not spend too much time doing the wrong things. However, goals may vary depending on individuals and it's therefore important to have a model that guides our planning.

As Sakthi shares, one such model is the life by design model which comprises of 4 different aspects:

1) Relationship Family Friends Social

2) Wellness Body Mind Health

3) Self Personal mastery Introspection Experiential

4) Aspiration Career Finance Legacy

With goals, come management. Activity management revolves around doing things once, doing it right and constantly improving day after day.

Today, Sakthi shares 2 guiding principles for effective management of activities.

1. Be mentally prepared

Always visualise and plan upcoming activities the night before so as to anticipate challenges, allowing one to respond and not react when it happens.

2. Maximum performance

Focus and exert maximum performance on a single activity to constantly improve and increase effectiveness

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