Eileen Chai's 5 golden rules that would help craft a success story

Eileen Chai, an embodiment of perfection, is a former athlete and a professional violinist. In the world of sports, Eileen achieved multitudes, winning prestigious medals at different international competitions and breaking not 1 but 2 national records. However, she wasn’t all sports and nothing more. Eileen also had groundbreaking achievements in performing arts where she performed in many large scale events and most notably, performing with the daughter of Jimi Hendrix.

Despite all these grand achievements, Eileen wasn’t one who rested on her laurels. She had also taken on different corporate jobs, an MOE teacher, and even became an entrepreneur who shared about her life experience through sports and performance. Today, Eileen is a violin teacher cum performer who gives love through music and is also the founder of multiple social causes that resonate with her values.

The list of Eileen’s achievements is far reaching and it's exceptional considering her age. However, it wasn’t always a smooth sailing journey for her. With the level of commitment required of her at a young age, Eileen was often met with loneliness and negativity which affected her in many ways. However, she was a warrior at heart and was always able to recover from these down times through the resilient mindset she had nurtured over the years.

While it had been a tough journey for Eileen, the lessons were equally rewarding.

With years of experience at her fingertips, Eileen shares with us 5 rules that would help craft a success story.

  1. Stay focused – Remove all background noises and give your all into what is in front of you

  2. Rest – Always take sufficient time to rest in order to regenerate our minds and stop negative thoughts from accumulating

  3. Stay humble – Always remember that success is never an individual effort

  4. Find your passion – Try out different things and integrate closely related hobbies

  5. Differentiate – Always observe what the society needs and the value you can provide

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