"Look at the broader picture" advises Vy Nguyen

Vy Nguyen, a lady with a golden heart is one of exceptional achievements. As a Country manager at Cloud Kinetics Vietnam, Vy manages a team of over 20 individuals which focuses on helping customers embark on their cloud journey. She is also the COO at CIO Vietnam community, dedicated to growing its 7000 members strong community of leaders and managers in the IT industry. Aside from her great contributions within the IT industry, Vy is also an active social activist where she is actively involved in initiatives that empower women and help people with disabilities.

Undoubtedly, Vy is nothing short of an accomplished individual. However, her journey wasn’t without challenges. Having a major in accounting and finance, the IT industry was a total stranger to her. Thankfully, she had the support from her colleagues and bosses and alongside the realisation of the value technology brings, Vy became an advocate of technology who believes that technology shouldn’t be an option but a mandate.

Technology, if misunderstood, becomes complicated. Thankfully, we have Vy today to debunk these myths. A common misconception amongst business owners comes from a thinking that all substrates have to be shifted onto the cloud, creating a false perception that these technologies may be more complicated than existing ones. However, as Vy suggests, business owners should first reassess their business, understand the pain points and choose what’s best for the situation regardless of size.

Aside from being an advocate of technology, Vy is also a leader in the eyes of many and she sees 3 crucial points that businesses should set their sights on.


To ensure profitability for company survival


To take care of employee well-being

  1. Create a positive mindset and environment by triggering recollections of positive events

  2. Understand the motivations of individuals and help them move along their plan

  3. To ensure everyone has sufficient equipment to perform their task amidst a work-from-home situation


To look at the broader picture and take on a social responsibility

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